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Florida, especially the Orlando Area, is a HOT Market and one of TOP spots to buy a property in the US. If you have a property and are willing to take advantage of this great opportunity, we are here to help you.

With low inventory, Orlando real estate market has increased pricing. So, now is the right time to sell if you think it's the best decision for you.

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steps to sell your property in Orlando FL.

Now is the right time...

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"I had the opportunity to buy and sell some 6 properties with you. I've always been very well taken care of. Your brokers have always provided excellent service. In addition to assisting with choosing houses, they have always guided me in everything regarding my new life in America. These are good professionals who will go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. I would like to emphasize their excellent work and I would hope that they be an example to their peers. God bless you!"


"Human beings have a natural tendency of finding the motivation to complain, point out the negative, simply criticize. Yet, just as vital, is to recognize and value professionals that do “that extra mile” out of the ordinary. I feel privileged to have met a Realtor from Florida Connexion, who I can call as friend. Congratulations to Florida Connection for having such qualified professionals. With certainty, I will recommend his services to anyone who may be interested."

Mauricio Silva 

"I would like to thanks from the bottom of my heart for the attention dispend on us and to thanks Florida Connexion for all the work, ethics and professionalism they show and reflect on their employees. I've made a Home Staging on my house and were able to sold it in a week! In a few hours the clients arrived! For sure, we're going to make a lot of other business together. A professionalism delight in every way! Once more thank you and congratulations for everything!"

Bruna Bertognin

Florida Connexion is one of the best real estate

brokerage in Orlando Area.

Rosana Almeida -

Broker and Founder of Florida Connexion

I help international investors and entrepreneurs achieve their investment goals!

Because of my own experiences, I understand the unique circumstances faced by an international investor — and that’s why I’ve made it my mission. 

Today, Florida Connexion has been responsible for more than 2,000 real estate and business transactions to date. And, as its broker and founder, I work hard to inspire my team to be professionals that do “the extra mile” out of the ordinary.

I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with those looking to learn more about Florida real estate investment and entrepreneurship.

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